Animated short: Magic Show

Magic Show (Cineventura) appeared in 2009 and is an 11 minute animated short. It's about a magical variety act in which a couple of spectacular acts are actually explained to the audience. The explanations are more unlikely than the acts themselves and towards the end nothing is what it seemed.

You can watch a short clip at Imdb.

Magic Show premiered at the Imagine film festival and played in Dutch theaters as an accompanying film with Let the Right One In. It has played inernational animation- and film festivals since, in both digital and 35mm format.

The film consists entirely of handpainted characters, props and backgrounds. This was animated by way of cut-out technique. Multiplane effects,blurring and extensive shading give it a spaceous feel but there is no 3D animation involved whatsoever. The layouts, paintings, animation and editing took me several years to complete. The story was written by Ruud den Drijver who also produced the film.

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