Les Baxter and the Eastern Bunny

The music by film composer and exotica specialist Les Baxter has always been an obsession of mine. I guess his music, especially from the early sixties Edgar Allan Poe films featuring Vincent Price, became part of my fabric as I have always been addicted to them. Baxter's face is only known to the public  from a couple of publicity pictures from the fifties. So an article in the magazine Zone 3500 I did a free interpretation of his face and fused it unconciously with Vincent Price's features.

Next to Les Baxter is a portret of the Eastern Bunny at work. 

Graphic Novel: Stad van Klei (City of Clay)

At this very moment I'm adding the final touches to the graphic novel Stad van Klei (City of Clay), 130 pages. While living in Cairo, Egypt for the last 4 years, I naturally set out to work on a story that enabled me to use all the impressions and experiences I have in this huge Middle Eastern city. The graphic novel is based on the novel Al-Khaldiya (Over the Bidge) by the Egyptian writer Mohamed el-Bisatie. It's about a civil servant and his descent into madness when he starts labouring on an elaborate scheme that involves the creation of an entire imaginary town and its police force. The graphic novel will come out in januari 2011 in The Netherlands (Oog & Blik/De Bezige Bij).