Stanislaw Lem

Portrait of the brilliant writer plus a short "guide" I wrote to his oeuvre for Zone 5300 magazine (in Dutch).


Digging through old harddiscs, I found tracks I made at the beginning of the millenium. At that time I was an aspiring DJ, together with my friend Edo Bouman of Vintage Voudou and like so many we caught the exotica bug. I remember working in a videostore in the evening, rummaging for records and drawing comics during the day and edit music at night in a program called Acid. This track is the mellowest and is like a sweet layered (space) cake.  

Angouleme 2014

Libération published the posters we, the group of  La Bédé est dans la rue, silk screened and exhibited in the streets during the Angoulême comics festival.