The assault #5

In two days my new book The Assault (De aanslag) wil be printed. Color corrections and print preparation proved to be a pretty big job for all it's 170 pages so now I'm in bed with a flu. I have to thank Geurt Naber, who does this production for Oog & Blik/De Bezige Bij, for all his efford and enthusiasm!

The assault #4

Mediterranean scene from my upcoming book De Aanslag (The assault). With a little salute to Franquin!

The Assault - De aanslag #3

Three weeks left to finish the last pages for my new book! I left a couple of detailed spreads for last. The book is to appear in May. Stay tuned!


Another track I found while cleaning up storage. I made this in I think 1999. The track is called Repulsion because the main guitar riff is from the Chico Hamilton soundtrack of Roman Polanski's movie. I think I lifted the guitar and vibe solo's from a library record by Hans Posegga called Music for effect. I also hear some Bollywood percussion breaks but can't remember from which records. The horns come from a Hungarian record by the group Bergendy.

The Assault

Busy doing the final inking and coloring for the next book, due in april 2015.

Animated advertisement

A little animated movie I made for a company that installs green roofs.

Filmfestival Imagine

Anouncement for the 30st edition of Imagine, the Amsterdam based festival for
fantastic films.


Sketch for an animation project I'm contemplating.

José Mojica Marins aka Coffin Joe

Drawing announcing the screening of films by the weird, Brasilian horror icon in Brussels.

Stanislaw Lem

Portrait of the brilliant writer plus a short "guide" I wrote to his oeuvre for Zone 5300 magazine (in Dutch).


Digging through old harddiscs, I found tracks I made at the beginning of the millenium. At that time I was an aspiring DJ, together with my friend Edo Bouman of Vintage Voudou and like so many we caught the exotica bug. I remember working in a videostore in the evening, rummaging for records and drawing comics during the day and edit music at night in a program called Acid. This track is the mellowest and is like a sweet layered (space) cake.  

Angouleme 2014

Libération published the posters we, the group of  La Bédé est dans la rue, silk screened and exhibited in the streets during the Angoulême comics festival.

The Windmill Massacre

Painting accompanying an article in filmmagazine Schokkend Nieuws on the new Dutch slasher The Windmill Massacre.

Stille chaos

Short story about the time I was witness to the 2011 uprising in Egypt, nominated for the Jan Hanlo essay prize in 2011 (time flies). It was subsequently published in the graphic novel special of the Belgian literary magazine DW B.