NRC Handelsblad - illustration

Illustration accompanying an article by Marc Chavannes about the brilliant chef of an excellent but sleepy restaurant in the south of France. Spread in the journal NRC Handelsblad.


Illustration for an article in de Academische Boekengids (how modern academics reclaim Dostojevski's work as orthodox Christian legacy).

Stanley Kubrick and Patrick Mcgoohan for filmmagazine Schokkend Nieuws.

For an article in the Academische boekengids (Academic book review) about how the judicial system legitimized the invasion of Iraq as well as the methods of interrogation used in the "war on terror."


An impression of two walls of the gallery in Haarlem, Horizontaalvertikaal, where we showed panels from Stad van Klei, sketches and a lot of weird and wonderful items found in Cairo. There where many vintage film posters, film flyers, film clips and stills from classic to obscure Egyptian movies. Links were explained between them and Stad van Klei as there are a lot of references to be found in the book.

Ciudad de Barro

I just saw the Spanish edition of Stad van Klei, published by Sins Entido and with an introduction by Guillermo Altares, an editor for the newspaper El Pais.

It looks great thanks to Manuel Ponce Contreras (who took the above picture).

Exhibition during the comic festival in Haarlem on 2 & 3 June. Opening will be on friday the first, 7 PM. Hope to see you there!

La Chute de Maison Usher and Cineville

An illustration for filmmagazine Schokkend Nieuws about a screening of Jean Epstein's La Chute de Maison Usher. This amazing silent movie from 1928 is being shown with live music. The other painting was done for a new monthly horrorshow Cineville in Cinema De Uitkijk.